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Call of the Summer

Episode Summary

Cody Groat shares his PhD research and side project interviewing Indigenous members in the Order of Canada. We celebrate Jenna Olender and Karley Doucette's Staff Award for Teaching Excellence. Plus, Jennifer Root takes us on a virtual tour of her farm.

Episode Notes

#11 Call of the Summer

June 8, 2020

0:00 Interview with Cody Groat, PhD candidate, Laurier Brantford Alumni

10:00 Interview with Jenna Olender, Manager: Learning Skills and Development, and Karley Doucette, Writing and Learning Support Coordinator: Learning Skills and Development.

20:36 Interview with Jennifer Root, Associate Professor, Social Work.

Learn more about our host, Associate Professor Bruce Gillespie, program coordinator of Digital Media and Journalism.

Thank you to Melissa Weaver for One Market graphics and Nicole Morgan for campus promotion.  Music by Scott Holmes.

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