One Market

Make Sure Your Hair Looks Good

Episode Summary

Heidi Northwood talks next steps for the new One Market building and gardening aspirations. As the spring semester looms, Trish McLaren shares what she's learning about engaged remote learning. Tyler Britz balances studying from home, a grocery store job, and virtual supports for LOCUS students.

Episode Notes

#3 Make Sure Your Hair Looks Good

April 13, 2020

0:00 Interview with Heidi Northwood

9:39 Interview with Trish McLaren

19:44 Interview with Tyler Britz

Learn more about our host, guests and their work:

Bruce Gillespie, Associate Professor

Heidi Northwood, Senior Executive Officer, Brantford Campus

Trish McLaren, Associate Professor and Program Director

Tyler Britz, History student and LOCUS Don

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