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My Instinct was to Say No

Episode Summary

Sue Ferguson recounts stories from her recent road trip from Texas to Toronto. Melissa Weaver opens up about balancing work, home renos, and puppy training. Tarah Brookfield shares how this podcast inspired her to teach a Directed Studies course this summer comparing memories of Polio and COVID-19.

Episode Notes

#14 My Instinct was to Say No

June 29, 2020

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0:00 Interview with Sue Ferguson, Associate Professor Emeritus, Digital Media and Journalism & Youth and Children Studies. 

11:50 Interview with Melissa Weaver, Academic Program Administrator, Faculty of Social Work

20:55 Interview with Tarah Brookfield, Associate Professor, History & Youth and Children Studies

To learn more about our host, Associate Professor Bruce Gillespie, Program Coordinator of Digital Media and Journalism.

Thank you to Melissa Weaver for One Market graphics and Nicole Morgan for campus promotion. Music by Scott Holmes.

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